Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Many factors are taken into consideration when providing you with a quote for your home/business.  The price we provide you takes into consideration labor hours, house size, frequency of cleans, location and day-to-day operating costs.   Once we have provided you with a specialized price, it will remain consistent unless changes are made to your service.  Mer-Maids will work with you to find the right service for your needs!

Why do we charge extra for the first time visit?

If your home/business has never been professionally cleaned (first time, move-in, move-out or one-time), it is likely that there is soil build-up that is not always noticeable. If you are looking to replace another professional cleaning service, it is likely that you aren’t or weren’t happy with the quality you were receiving. In either case, our teams are going to run into areas not cleaned to our standards.  It will take the teams extra time (4-8 times as long) to remove the build-up, correct errors previously made and establish a healthy baseline.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No! We understand that life throws many curve balls and sometimes service needs to be cancelled.  If requested, we can provide you with a list of Policies and Procedures.  This list details what is expected from you, as a customer, and from us, the service provider.  However, when you decide to use our services, you will be required to sign a copy of Mer-Maids Policies and Procedures.  This in no way obligates you to continue service.  Your satisfaction is our #1 priority and we pride ourselves on being flexible and able to work with your needs.

Are you licensed, insured and bonded?

Of course we are!  We have a MD Sales and Tax license, general liability, a crime policy, and workman’s compensation.  Copies and proof of these are available upon request.

How and when do I pay?

Payment is due the day of service.  We operate with a “no payment no clean” policy.  We accept cash, checks and credit cards.  Credit cards are processed through Square.  Checks can be made out to “Mer-Maids”.  Any payment that is not cash or check is subject to a 3.75% service charge.  This charge covers the fees that payment services take.

What if I am not satisfied?

We hold everyone here at Mer-Maids to a very high standard; however, we understand that mistakes are made.  If you are not satisfied, please let us know within 24 hours of service completion.  We will send a team member out to assess your concern(s) the next business day.

What should I do on my cleaning day?

Your cleaning day has finally arrived!  Reliable access to your home/business (key, keypad code, etc) and payment are required.  In addition to that, we would appreciate the home/business being “picked up”.  Excessive clutter on floors, tables and countertops will hinder the team’s ability to clean your home to our standards.  Further details about what is expected can be found in the Policies and Procedures form.

What should I do with my fur family?

Here at Mer-Maids we absolutely love your fur family!  We want to know their names, ages and any other interesting facts you are comfortable sharing!  It is our goal that they remain happy, safe and stress free while we are there.  If you have any concerns about our safety or your fur family’s safety, please let our team members know and we will discuss reasonable options.  We will gladly let your dog out, feed your fish or even play with your cat!  If you don’t want your fur family to interfere with the cleaning, we ask you put them in an area we are not servicing that day.

Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?

Mer-Maids provides all of its own cleaning supplies.  We use hospital grade chemicals, equipment and materials that have been proven to not only meet our standards but sanitize and disinfect your home/business.  If you have any special cleaning products you want us to use, please do not hesitate to ask and discuss with us.

What precautions are you taking during the COVID-19 global pandemic?

Mer-Maids mission is to sanitize and disinfect.  Our goal in each and every home/business is to not only make the space look and feel clean but to actually clean it.  We use hospital grade disinfecting chemicals.  The equipment is sprayed/wiped down with a disinfectant every day when the teams arrive back at the office and between each client’s home/business.  The equipment is deep cleaned with bleach and soap water once a week.  Our equipment has been treated with a long-lasting disinfectant as an extra layer of protection.  We wear masks in the office, around our teammates and in each and every home/business we enter.